2021 Officer of the Year

Master Police Officer Michael J. Ferriero

Officer of the Year, Mike Ferriero

Master Police Officer (MPO) Michael Ferriero was named 2021 Officer of the Year. MPO Ferriero is assigned to Jamestown High School as a School Resource Officer. In this capacity, he has developed positive relationships with both students and staff. Mike has also taken on other responsibilities and obligations, a testament to his drive and determination.

Mike is responsible for organizing the department's C.O.P.s Camps, which is a collaborative effort between the Police Department and the County's Parks & Recreation Department. This program requires months of collaborative planning. Mike also serves on the department’s Marine Patrol Unit, Police Honor Guard and SWAT team.

MPO Ferriero has shown the type of commitment, attitude and personal sacrifice that is worthy of recognition.

Many other officers and citizens received recognition for their superior service and dedication to the community and the Department. 

Additional 2021 Awards

Little Hero Award

  • Talon Van Note

Lifesaving Award

  • Senior Police Officer Ryan Ellis
  • Police Officer Collin Joseph
  • Senior Police Officer Randy Matthews
  • Master Police Officer Jodi Morris (2)
  • Police Officer Andreas "Andy" Carrillo
  • Senior Police Officer Michael Bowen
  • Lieutenant Greg LaRose
  • Police Officer Matt Smith
  • Senior Police Officer Brian Crosby

Meritorious Service Award

  • Sergeant Sterling Perry

Distinguished Service Medal

  • Master Police Officer Dan Jackson

Supervisory Service Award

  • Sergeant Jason Slodysko
  • Sergeant Rob McKenzie

Investigating Service Award

  • Senior Police Officer Kristal Lair
  • Investigator Chris Gibson

Community Policing Award

  • Master Police Officer Ben Woodhouse

Traffic Safety Award

  • Senior Police Officer Aurelia Woods

Letters of Commendation

  • Master Police Officer Alan McDowell, Jr
  • Master Police Officer Brandon Frantz
  • Senior Police Officer Brian Crosby
  • Master Police Officer Dan Jackson
  • Records Technician, Debbie Golub
  • Senior Police Officer Erick Millan
  • Colonial Community Corrections Director, Hal Diggs
  • Master Police Officer Jimmie Reardon
  • Master Police Officer Jonathan Evans
  • Investigator Josh Drury
  • Investigator Josh Ernst
  • Senior Police Officer Justin White
  • Fire Marshal Kenny Lamm
  • Master Police Officer Logan Heishman
  • Master Police Officer Michael Ferriero
  • Lieutenant Monique Myers
  • Master Police Officer Nancy Anderson
  • Master Police Officer Neil Sawyer
  • Master Police Officer Prasit "Nuey" Niranont
  • Senior Police Officer Ryan Ellis
  • Senior Police Officer Ryan Moore
  • Chaplain L.C. "Sam" Frye
  • Police Officer Scott Roop
  • Senior Police Officer Sean Gormus
  • Master Police Officer Shenee Graham
  • Sergeant Sterling Perry
  • Master Police Officer William Neale
  • Master Police Officer Zach Bowman

Certificates of Appreciation

  • Kara Hughes
  • Terry Payne
  • Busch Gardens